Last Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal Paygrade column profiled the career of blogging. Here’s what they said about the pay and hours:

THE PAY: Most self-employed bloggers take in between $2,000 and $10,000 a month from ad sales, says Henry Copeland, founder of, a Web advertising concern based in Carrboro, N.C. The few that have huge audiences make significantly more, he adds. During election time, for example, a political blogger can bring in $20,000 to $30,000 a month, says Ken Layne, West Coast bureau chief for, a political gossip blog owned by Gawker Media. Some bloggers are employed by companies, but they are often part of the marketing department, and blogging is usually only a small part of their duties.

THE HOURS: Self-employed bloggers set their own schedules. Writers of breaking-news blogs say 40- to 60-hour workweeks are the norm. To scoop his competitors, Mario Lavandeira…

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iPhone 6: Apple factory photos leak online

iphone 5s 6 leak foxconn

Images purported to show the next-generation iPhone have leaked online, as more and more details emerge of what’s shaping up to be an unusually crowded Apple product pipeline in 2013.

Sourced by Chinese site, the photos, which it’s claimed originate from a plant operated by Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, appear to show the handset at varying stages of the production process.

Assuming what we’re looking at is the real thing (and it should be noted that some claim that they’re merely fake iPhones), the iPhone 6 is barely distinguishable from the iPhone 5, both in terms of dimensions and design.

Very much present and correct, for instance, is a physical home button, which Apple is supposed to have been considering ditching for years now. If you set much store in rumours, that is.

The presence of curved edges and the centrally located front-facing camera that was repositioned with the iPhone 5 also indicate that the seventh-generation handset may not be the radical departure in the design stakes that some had hoped for.

This chimes with separate reports indicating that the key differences between the current model and the iPhone 6 will be largely restricted to the phone’s internal specifications

iphone 5s 6 foxconn leak 2

News of Apple’s plans comes amid claims that it is also planning to release a phablet-sized phone this year, variously dubbed the iPhone Math or iPhone+, as well as a budget-priced smartphone in the form of the long-rumoured iPhone mini.

Fresh iterations of the iPad and iPad mini are also due later in 2013 and we may even see the arrival of an Apple watch, as the gadget giant takes a tentative step into the world of wearable technology.



Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘to pack Samsung Orb camera’

360-degree, wraparound snaps to go.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept (banner only)

Fresh details have emerged of Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S4’s camera, as it bids to see off the challenge from the HTC One’s highly-touted UltraPixel snapper.

According to an unnamed Samsung engineer cited by Android Geeks, part of the phone-maker’s bid to differentiate its next flagship handset in the crowded Android marketplace will hinge on a camera function dubbed Samsung Orb that enables users to take 360-degree, panoramic photos.

Apparently, the feature will work in much the same way as the similar Photo Sphere mode that debuted with Android 4.2.2, but is “even better…courtesy of the S4’s amazing camera”.

Capturing wraparound images only requires Galaxy S4 owners to “move the handset up or down, left or right”, with Samsung said to be working with Facebook to make it easy to share the results of the experiments in photography that result.

Earlier leaks from the Samsung supply chain suggest that the handset will be home to a 13-megapixel camera, as well as a larger five-inch Super AMOLED fHD screen.

It’s also said to sport the octa-core Exynos processor Samsung debuted earlier this year, but that this will be replaced by a quad-core number in select territories.


iPhone 6 ‘about to enter production, packs 4.8″ screen’

The iPhone 6 is preparing to enter production ahead of its mooted launch date in June, reports indicate, as the start of a new year brings a slew of new rumours around Apple’s plans for 2013.

In a note to investors, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claims that Apple is already undertaking trials of the next iteration of the iPhone and the fabled iPhone Mini, presumably in the environs of its Cupertino campus, before they enter production in March.

Misek also corroborated persistent rumours that the iPhone 6, also informally dubbed the iPhone 5S, will be home to a 4.8-inch screen, up from the four-inch display that debuted on the iPhone 5.

That tallies with a separate report from the China Times, also claiming that Apple will enter the fast-growing phablet market this year with a device that teams smartphone functionality with dimensions that verge on tablet territory.

The industry expert also backs conjecture that the handset will be equipped with a super HD camera, Near Field Communications technology to up the handset’s credentials as a digital wallet, improved battery life and 128GB of storage.

Apple is also thought likely to make its seventh-generation handset available in a host of new colour options, including pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, red and slate.


Samsung Galaxy concept phone

Samsung will begin manufacturing its new full HD AMOLED smartphone panel later this month, adding weight to rumours it is gearing up for an imminent launch of the Galaxy S4.

Citing unnamed “industry sources”, Korean news site DDaily reports that the five-inch display, which it teased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas last month, will be mass produced from the end of February and shipped for commercial release in early March.

The display is a dead cert to debut on the much-anticipated Galaxy S4, which a recent spate of forecasts and conjecture suggests will be launched sometime after mid-April.

While popular panel-makers in Japan and Korea, namely Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display, have already begun large-scale manufacturing of LCD panels boasting a full HD resolution, Chinese manufacturer are reportedly struggling to reach stable yield to cope with demand.

According to sources, only a small amount of full-HD panels for premium smartphone products will be shipped from China this year, which could potentially lead to an initial shortage of the year’s biggest flagship releases, including Apple’s iPhone 5S.

Aside from a five-inch 1080p display, the Galaxy S4 is also mooted to feature an eight-core Exynos processor, also showcased at CES – plus a 13-megapixel camera and built-in wireless charging capabilities.

Samsung is tipped to officially raise the curtain on the S4 sometime between March 15th and 22nd in a location supposed right on “Apple’s doorstep”.

Source: DDaily via SammyHub